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15 Minutes to Increased Productivity

Posted by February 29th, 2016

Haflinger an StalltrIt’s a good job I love variety.  One minute I’m having a five star break in Dubai, and the next (literally, as soon as I got out of the car on arriving home) I’m mucking out a stable in the dark and rain that’s needed urgently for a horse.

…..and my stables brings me to meditation.  It was one of my goals last year to meditate, I tried everything, books, apps, and lots of sitting or lying quietly. I failed! I just couldn’t slow my brain down enough, but I’ve realised that I already have a form of meditation.

I often say to clients, try hard at what you want to achieve; but if you’re not getting there, think about how else you could do it; work out a way that will suit you better.

I often spend 15 to 20 minutes at lunchtime mucking out the stables.  I’ve discovered that this delivers a lot of what I wanted meditation to deliver for me. After a dose of fresh air, activity and leaving three stables all fluffed up and comfy, I feel centred, refreshed and I’ve often thought through a problem or had an idea or two.

This also fits with an article about increasing productivity and success through taking 15 minutes out every day. Have a read here. How can you carve out 15 minutes a day to help you increase your productivity and success? I’m presuming it won’t involve horses and wheelbarrows!

January is for Planning, February is for Action!

Posted by February 9th, 2016

Act Now!Do you get all fired up at the beginning of January to make the coming year a brilliant one?  Lots of plans, bright ideas and enthusiasm?

Yesterday, I spoke to two people who were just like this.  But everyday business and life had begun to swallow up their bumper-year plans.  They were in danger of not prioritising and getting new things done.  The result; a similar year to last year, good but not great, when they really wanted their year to be bigger, better and brighter.  Does your January run in a similar vein?

So I helped them get their bumper-year planning finished, and they’re now already for Action:

If you need to get ready for action and shake up your year, here are some pointers:

  • Get your planning done! Be strong, be selfish and carve out the time you need.
  • Get it done this week, by the end of next at the latest.
  • Then it’s time for ACTION – particularly anything new and different you want to achieve.
  • Concentrate on a bit of micro-planning so you get some good momentum going. Break down what you want to achieve each week for the next month.  Be clear and specific and push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Create broader goals for the next couple of months.
  • And then broader goals for the next two quarters.
  • Think about the resources you need.
  • Include in this the mindset you need – this is crucial and will make all the difference!
  • And the support you need – again, this is so important, from simple accountability to expert knowledge and guidance.
  • Get this all in place as soon as you can and get going – no excuses!

Wishing you a fantastic and bumper year!