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Magic ‘Aha’ Moments

I’ve worked with some wonderful people who are by turns talented, funny and ambitious. It has been a privilege to journey with them and witness their leaps forward and magic ‘aha’ moments:

Clients Say…

Georgina is a truly wonderful coach. She helped me clarify the branding, marketing strategy and direction of my business, as well as, supported me in making some major business decisions. She is professional, intelligent, warm and full of enthusiasm. Her ability to keep me on track and her fantastic personality made me look forward to each and every coaching session. I would highly recommend Georgina to anyone looking for a business coach to take their business to the next level.  Yvette Yuaran

Before I met Georgina I had a business that was going ok, we had a few small to medium sized projects that were keeping us ticking by, but I always had this feeling that we could do better, be better and were underselling our services and potential. I kind of knew where I wanted to be, but I just wasn’t sure how to get there, since the daily tasks of running a business were always in the way. The best way I can describe the experience working with Georgina was that we were originally a business in the fog. We were moving along, but slowly and without much clarity. Georgina had this natural ability to clear that fog, help us prioritise business tasks and stay focused on the ultimate goal, where we wanted to be and what we wanted to achieve. I admired the enthusiasm and energy that Georgina brought to the process of identifying our businesses strengths and key selling points, which enabled us to develop a clear design brief for the re-brand of our company, which we would be able to present and target more medium to high end clients with. Sam Gomersall, Selby Design

Georgina’s branding techniques and questioning skills drew out and clarified our brand’s passion and purpose. The results saved time, money and going nowhere clear fast! Ash Poddar, Fresh Ties

It was Georgina who helped me turn an ailing business into a profitable one, with her business acumen and support. In the year or so we worked together, my annual net profit tripled. Penny Jennings

“Working with Georgina is money well spent. We’re now on a much more professional footing, in a new office, with a bigger team and feeling a lot more relaxed. Tom Chambré, Chambré Property Management

“Georgina shared her expertise and knowledge so that I could confidently apply these marketing strategies to my business and I learned key brand strategies that I can immediately use in my business. Georgina helped me to reach clarity on my marketing plan and the areas where I needed to gather more data to improve my overall marketing efforts to my target market. I would recommend Georgina to all entrepreneurs who are wanting get more form their business. Carol Appleby, MindXcite, Australia

“You are so brilliant at simplifying things, so that I will actually go out and DO stuff. Thanks!!!Marianne Leather, Beyond the Grey Cloud

“Working with Georgina has been a revelation. Clear and incisive, Georgina enables you to focus on the nub of the issue, solve problems, and capitalise on success.  Astute business insight and a cheering, supportive approach have made Georgina’s sessions a rewarding investment in my business.Kamala Katbamna, Chirp

“I am now in the very fortunate position to be able to manage my own time, and choose my clients. A situation which would have seemed untenable prior to working with Georgina. Thank you Georgina, for helping me, for your pragmatic and logical approach and for giving me the self-belief to fulfil my goal! Mel Wyatt

“Georgina coached our entire team when we needed help defining roles, sharing the workload and communicating more effectively. We now have  more cohesion and better business results! Camilla Benham-Crosswell, Mountain Beds

“The process was FANTASTIC and better than we expected. Melissa Brownlow, Mountain Beds

“Working with Georgina is always enlivening, incisive and motivating. James Robinson“Working with Georgina helped me turn around my business in just three months. She was quick to grasp my company’s USP and from day one came up with practical tasks and insightful suggestions to help me pull my business out of recession and take it into profit. She is astute, wise and morally sound – what’s more her cheerful disposition makes our monthly discussions a pleasure!  M. Lawson, London

“Starting your own business is challenging. Working with Georgina has been essential.  Her marketing insight was a revelation. Every entrepreneur needs help, Georgina’s advice & support was the best investment I made. Tom Seppings, Solaplug Ltd and East Anglian Energy Ltd.

“Georgina’s high-level branding insights give entrepreneurs precision positioning and a solid foundation from which to build a thriving, energised and purpose driven business. As one of her clients and recommended copywriters I adore her clear direction, her brilliant ideas and her relentless enthusiasm. If you’re lacking clarity or focus in your brand or business, you can be confident Georgina will get you back on track.  Anna McLoughlin, www.

“Georgina’s incisive Business Brilliance group programme is a must for any small business owner. She offers practical tips, holds you accountable when you need it and provides support and encouragement to keep you moving towards your end goals. If you are starting out and need help with your business proposition or if you are re-thinking your offer time invested with Georgina will pay back! Meg Burton, Career Coach