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Explore the Joy of Missing Out

Posted by July 27th, 2016

Smile among angry facesHave you heard the term Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) as opposed to the better known term, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)?

When running your own business you can feel the need to jump at every opportunity or new marketing theory, and can suffer from Fear of Missing Out if you let things pass you by. This can mean you are never able to stop, reflect and regroup, as you are always chasing, chasing.  Whereas Joy Of Missing Out can be extremely liberating.

In this ever busy world, with technology and media throwing so much at you, how can you embrace JOMO? How can you learn to let some things go?

  • What in your business would you be joyous not to be doing – can you outsource it or do things in a different way to avoid it altogether?
  • Are there markets or part of your offering that you would be delighted to move away from – watch others keep plugging away at them while you joyously take a step back and set your efforts and commitment in areas you know you will excel in and are truly motivated by.
  • Or, can you just give yourself joyous permission to stop, take your foot off the pedal for a time and do some reflecting and regrouping.

In the spirit of Joy of Missing Out, I took my foot of the pedal, had a reflect and regroup, and subsequently tweaked the direction of my business.  It was a very rewarding (and joyous!) exercise, so do give it a try.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!