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Blog > Are You Charging What You’re Worth?

Posted by May 28th, 2015

I was speaking to someone this week about their business, he is at his wit’s end and wants to throw the towel in. He is exhausted, feeling burnt out and whilst he is hugely appreciated by his clients, and has work coming to his door, he is not making enough money to keep his head above water. Sound familiar?

There are a number of different ways you can look at solving this problem….without of course throwing the towel in.

9 Nifty Strategies 3D CoverOne of the first steps is ensuring you’re charging what you’re worth.

As a coach, consultant or small business owner, it can be very hard to charge higher prices. You feel you need to be able to transparently justify your cost, or that your hourly rate is going to look too high. Maybe you’re in the habit of pitching in a last minute discount hoping it will guarantee you a yes.

Do you want more income? To feel comfortable with charging more ?

……not in a daylight robbery, pull the wool over someone’s eyes kind of a way, but in a way that you feel reflects what you’re worth and the value you deliver?

If so, I’ve put together an e-book to help you think about your pricing and it’s got detail on 9 Nifty Strategies to help you Charge What You’re Worth.

Click here to download it – and you can immediately put some of these strategies into action immediately. Enjoy!

Those feelings of real success and those wonderful champagne moments will only be realised when you are charging what you’re worth.