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Blog > Are You Marketing Like a Peacock or a Peahen?

Posted by May 13th, 2015

Peacock 1Peacock 3To add to our animal mix here we have some unfortunate peacocks and peahens – unfortunate in that when they popped their little heads out of their eggs they found themselves in the soggy Irish climate rather than the lush vegetation of India or Sri Lanka. However we have had them here for years and they are thriving, so it can’t be all bad.

As Spring marches on the peacocks are busy, busy showing off their tails and looking for a wife. Pictured is one particular chap I walk past each day and it made me think about marketing like a peacock.

With limited marketing budgets many small business owners don’t always push themselves out there as much as they should. How are you doing with your marketing – more peacock or more peahen?

Are You Marketing like a Peacock?
• He is consistent. He has chosen his spot, outside the wood shed and there he parades each and every day, come rain or shine
• He makes a statement, look at his tail, he is gorgeous, he is letting the girls know that he is the very best option
• He doesn’t give up…..even when a gust of wind catches his tail and sails him away from his patch, he turns round and gets back on duty
• He is loud; have you heard the peacock’s cry? It certainly cuts through the air
• He is proud….as a peacock

Or are You Marketing Like a Peahen?
• She is there, but she is in the background
• She is muted both in terms of colour and voice
• She doesn’t stand out, you hardly notice her next to the peacock
• She seems more apologetic than proud

What can you do from today to be more loud and proud in your marketing?