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Posted by July 24th, 2015

peachicks (3)Quick, chicks in the bucket!!
This cry goes out, as our new baby peacocks are hatched.  We’ve learnt the hard way that cunning foxes and, I’m ashamed to admit, my spritely terriers are no match for these new born creatures.

So a system has been developed.  As the proud mother emerges from the undergrowth with her new chicks it’s all hands on deck. We grab a bucket and dash around after her babies.  Whilst unsettling for them all, it’s very much a life saving measure.

Once in the bucket, we record their chirping, and start our procession towards a safe enclosure. Chicks in a bucket, a phone playing peachick-chirping followed by a worried peahen. The last tricky, and comical, part is getting the peahen into the pen (bless them peacocks aren’t the smartest of animals).

Once done we heave a huge sigh of  relief, until another peahen emerges from the bushes with her new brood…..quick chicks in the bucket!

What point am I going to make about running your business with this story? There will be areas in your business that need a process introduced or improved. If you are lacking the right process things take longer and are more frustrating.

If the process is something you do quite often it becomes a habit, it’s fresh in your mind. What about those things that are less frequent?
How often have you had to reinvent the wheel to get an infrequent task done because you can’t remember what you did last time?  Contacting helplines, raising support tickets, pestering your web developer, arrgghhh.  Or do you just put it off until it gets really urgent…and then becomes really stressful? So,

  • What processes do you need to make things smoother?
  • What infrequent processes do you need to document, so you can put them into action quickly and smoothly?
  • AND how can you quickly find those notes on the process when needed!

Next time you find yourself re-inventing the wheel, be strict with yourself and make sure you document what you did, right there and then.

Right, I’m off to feed the peachicks.