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Blog > Dare to Dream; How is your 2020 vision?

Posted by October 12th, 2013


 Now, I simply want you to lean back, relax, close your eyes and have a bit of a focused daydream.

Think about where you would like you and your business to be in 3 years’ time, or 5, or 7 – think up to 2020……….and beyond.

Drift off and get engrossed in your daydream and really think about what you will be doing, saying and feeling.  Also what will others around you and your customers be doing, saying and feeling?

See, hear and experience it in all its glory, really take time to immerse yourself in this daydream until you go from dreamy to fizzy with excitement about all the possibilities!

You should be thinking, “I can’t do that, can I? How wonderful if I could!”

Right, back to reality! Did you manage to go from dreamy to fizzy?

A vision for yourself and / or your business, is not hard to do, but people so rarely have the time to stop and think it through.  Or if they do, they do it once and never revisit it.

Try to take some time (and it needn’t be much) to think about your vision every quarter or every six months.  Try to peel back the layers of it so you really understand what you want and why.

Is there a photo or a quote that you can put somewhere that will remind you of your vision on a daily basis?  The more you keep it alive and top of mind the more likely you are to achieve it.

Because before you know it we will be in 2020 and you will want to be living your wonderful 2020 vision rather than looking back with regret at actions not taken, or decisions not made.

So lean back, relax, close your eyes and have a bit of a focussed daydream………….