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Posted by March 20th, 2014


Do you feel super strong, buoyed up by resolve and positivity everyday?

Or, does self-doubt and a lack of confidence creep up on you all too frequently?

Business success may not be down to what your business offers, or your marketing, but what your internal thoughts and dialogues are saying to you.

Are you your own biggest champion, or your own biggest saboteur?

I know the difference between the two, as I have been both of these things.  I used to run two businesses, a consulting business and another one which brought business psychology into the home and helped people to find and importantly, manage their childcare.

For this second business, I had my Business Psychology Masters, I had the experience of successfully managing people in my own home for 10 years, I had proven marketing skills from my years in advertising and strategic marketing agencies. I had even got an agent and publisher and written a book on finding and managing childcare…………….but, you guessed it, I didn’t quite have 100% self-belief. 

I felt like I was a bit of a fraud because I hadn’t run a nanny agency, or had not worked as a nanny, or had not……well, the reasons changed, but the fact remained. So the business never soared to the heights I wanted.  Whilst on the other side of the coin, my consulting moved to include coaching and went from strength to strength.  The fundamental difference in both of these businesses was my self-belief.

These two sides of the coin lead to different cycles, one upward and one downward.  If you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t get good results and this re-enforces your thoughts. The opposite is true if you do believe in yourself.

I closed down my childcare business, and looking back took from it one of the most important business lessons you can learn.  I wish I’d had the perspective I have now and could have worked to change my beliefs.  However, I now help my clients apply this perspective every day to help them create the self-belief and positive mind-set they need for success.  Here are four simple questions to get you to explore your business mindset.

  • If there was one negative belief that you could eliminate once and for all what would it be?
  • What is this negative belief costing you?
  • Who or where would you be without it?
  • What positive belief could you replace it with that would really make a difference?

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