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Blog > Dubai – Love it or hate it?

Posted by January 25th, 2016

DubaiHaving a husband who works in high-end travel has its benefits, as shown in this  photo from my lovely birthday treat of a few days in Dubai last week.

Whilst Dubai would not be my first choice of holiday destination, as my husband had meetings there, there were good flight connections for friends who were joining us, and we have friends who live out there, it was a really fun few days, for a not-first-choice holiday destination.

And I have to take my hat off to Dubai, whether you love it or hate it, it has set its vision and gone all out to achieve it.

It’s a brilliant example of a Marmite brand – it divides opinion, you either love it or hate it. Whether it’s urging you to dine at the top of the world’s tallest building, to attend the world’s richest horse race, not to mention audacious creations of the world’s largest man made islands, it’s all about being the biggest, the best and standing out from the crowd.  Whether you have been to Dubai or not, you very probably have an opinion on it.

A brand can’t appeal to everyone, it would have to say too many things and offer too much to resonate with so many. In  doing so it would become watered down; bland and uninteresting.  A Marmite brand doesn’t do watered down.  It isn’t worried about people not liking it. It concentrates on talking directly and plainly to only those who are going to love it, and doesn’t mind if it alienates others.

Is your brand Marmite enough? 

  • How can you talk (or shout!) more clearly to the people you want to attract?
  • Where are you trying to trying to talk to too many different groups and sending out watered down messages?
  • How can you stop yourself from trying to talk to too many? Old habits die hard!
  • What do you need to change; your marketing plan, your website, your offering?
  • When are you going to make these changes?