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Posted by February 18th, 2015

NOI made the switch to being Happy With No and my sales went up.

I adopted a mindset where I was fine if a potential client said no thanks, you’re not for me.  I was fine for them to walk away.  If I wasn’t for them, then they weren’t the right client for me.

Since then the number of people who said No dropped, in fact, I can’t remember the last time a potential client who was having a discovery call with me actually said No.

As well as more clients, it has brought less stress. ‘It’s OK if they say No’ is quite a liberating feeling.

How happy are you with No?  What could you do to be more happy with No?

In fact, push it further, how can you make it easy for someone to say No?
Use a bit of reverse psychology; when people don’t feel the pressure and feel you’re happy to walk away it can actually turn a prospective No into to a Yes. It changes all the dynamics.

Collect Your No’s
If one of my clients is downhearted about not getting enough sales, I challenge them to see how many No’s they can collect, for example, by collecting 10 No’s they might get at least 3 Yes’s.  I may then challenge them to get 20 No’s and they’ll probably get at least 6 Yes’s (and the happier they get about collecting the No’s the more Yes’s they’ll actually receive).

Avoid Maybe’s
I am obviously happy with Yes’s, I’ve talked to you about my happiness with No’s – what I ALWAYS try to avoid is a Maybe. If someone is going to say No, get the No out of them sooner rather than later.

‘Maybe’s’ drain your time and energy.  You can spend hours, weeks or even months chasing a Maybe as they lead you a merry dance of indecision, eeking from you as much as they can get, without agreeing to say Yes.

If you can’t get a Yes or No immediately, give a deadline (very politely, of course!) for a Yes or No by a certain date.  But don’t tolerate any more Maybe’s.

Let me know how you get on with your Yes’s, No’s and Maybe’s!