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Blog > If it’s Good Enough for Wills and Kate

Posted by April 14th, 2016

It’s all high excitement with my brother getting married this weekend….and in Westminster Abbey of all places; crikey that really raises the stress on what to wear!

My 11 year old daughter is a bridesmaid and whilst very excited, is also nervous.  I keep telling her to focus on what she can control. So whilst she can’t control the awe of the venue, and the feeling of lots of eyes on her, she can focus on taking deep calm breaths, small ladylike steps, looking out for the younger bridesmaids and smiling (a lot!).

When we are being pushed out of our comfort zone, our mind can run away with us. We think of everything that can go wrong, fear can really take hold (False, Expectations, Appear, Real). This prevents us from doing our best and can lead us to sabotage ourselves.

So next time you are feeling nervous, a bit discombobulated and frustrated that you’re stopping yourself from performing at your best; stop and take some deep slow breaths, and think about what you CAN and what you CAN’T control.  Put the things you can’t control right out of your mind, there is nothing you can do about them. This can be very liberating in itself!

Then really focus on what you can control.  For example you can’t control who will buy from you, but you can make sure:

  • You have researched your customers and know exactly what they want
  • You get your message out to as many people as your marketing imagination and budget will allow
  • The product you’re offering is as good as it can possibly be
  • You collect as many testimonials as you can from satisfied customers

Get in the habit of drawing up a list of Can Control / Can’t Control or a circle with Can’t Control factors on the outside and Can Control factors and ideas on the inside.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!