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Posted by September 9th, 2014

Champagne I hope you had a good summer? After a lovely bit of down-time I’m now ramping up for the final part of the year, and some maximum achievement!

This time last year I asked you to maximise your achievement by taking yourself forward and imagining you had achieved the BIG thing you wanted to by New Year.

I asked you to imagine how chuffed you would be feeling with your success, as the New Year champagne corks popped. Clients said doing this New Year visualisation really helped them put things into action, so…

This year I want you to take it a step further, and also dig a bit deeper into yourself.

Here are some questions to help you do that:

What do you want to have achieved by New Year? What BIG thing (or two!) would you have liked to have achieved that would really make you feel proud, delighted and generally rather chuffed with yourself?
Now, be super brave, and think about pushing that BIG thing even further – what would that look like by New Year – something that leaves you saying “I couldn’t do that, could I? How wonderful if I could!”
When you think of this super-brave-super-big achievement, what do you feel? Excitement, fear, blind-panic?
What is the biggest / most persistent negative thought that comes to you? What are those voices in your head saying – you’ll never do it!? Don’t try, you’ll only fail!?
Now park those thoughts, imagine you didn’t have them at all – free of those negative thoughts, write down the big goal or task you would undertake each month until the end of the year to get to that super-big achievement. Now break those into smaller weekly goals or tasks.
What do you need to tell yourself, or do, to keep those destructive negative thoughts at bay, or, even better, to eliminate them altogether – so that you can really sail forward and achieve BIG before New Year?

Keep super positive and action orientated this Autumn and let me know how you get on!