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Leadership, Executive and Team Coaching; Business Development

As a PCC credentialed coach, I use an energising blend of business psychology and coaching to create effective bespoke programmes that will ignite change and inspire you, your teams and your business.

Using methodology developed over a 25 year career working globally with clients that include Volkswagen, Unilever, Shell and the University of Oxford, I’ll work with you on clear roadmaps and smart strategies to achieve your career and business goals.

Amongst other qualifications I hold Advanced Diplomas in Performance Coaching and in Executive and Leadership Coaching, and Team Coaching Essentials. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation.

Below are three of the key areas I work in:

1. Leadership and Executive Coaching

Are you at a cross roads in your career or struggling to make the impact that you would like within your organisation?  I help Executives to take their next big leap forward; creating a strong path forward, an inspiring leadership brand and the confidence to deliver.

Together we develop smart strategies to help you reach your goals for yourself and your team and in doing so maximise your time and talents.  Working intensively together on a 1-on-1 basis we immerse ourselves in you, your goals and your vision, creating a clear and motivating path forward.Expect many thought provoking and ‘aha’ moments along the way!

2. Transformational Team Coaching

Bring your team together in invigorating, idea-generating sessions that get creative juices flowing, but also embed smarter working practices for immediate and lasting change. I specialise in powerful team coaching, motivating teams to:

  • Create a unified and motivating business vision
  • Build a positive company or departmental culture
  • Improve working habits
  • Develop strong communication
  • Manage time and stress better
  • Instil team confidence and become a self-coaching team

3. Cultural Change

Working with your key people together we’ll inject more buzz, energy and sure-fire strategies to improve your company culture. I can work with you to embed successful change initiatives, helping your people to:

  • Develop strategic business, branding and marketing plans
  • Delight customers with outstanding delivery and service
  • Improve day-to-day performance
  • Create an internal communications strategy that supports change
  • Develop best practice in management and leadership

I do this by facilitating meetings and workshops, providing change and customer service training, management and leadership development as well as 1-to-1 and team coaching.

Please do get in touch to discuss my approach further and how I can best support you.

Clients Say…

“I feel totally re-generated about my career and direction! I have got my spirit, focus and balance back.”

“I now have lots of positive actions to work on. I really appreciate your professionalism and ongoing support.”

“As a result I will be more confident in dealing with difficult situations and supporting other team members when they encounter them”

“I think your methods are great. You are both very supportive and upbeat, and I now feel really confident.”

“Many thanks for your time and I really appreciate and value our discussion. I recognise that I need to make a positive start in making a difference and I feel a lot more confident about doing that and instigating change.”

“Many thanks for facilitating such a fantastic day. I found the sessions extremely good, challenging and thought provoking and I am sure the overall impact on us as a team will be significant.”

“I think we had an exceptionally successful day. Thank you for the thought that you had put in to it and the guidance that you gave us all as we went along. It is interesting to watch the team drawing together. We seem to be in a much better place.”

“With regards to the Team Building we all greatly enjoyed the day. The planning section proved very worthwhile. We are already developing new ideas.” 

“I thought the training day was excellent. Georgina facilitated brilliantly and it was a great opportunity for the team to come together and develop an understanding of some of the motivations that makes us and others tick. There was also good mixing between teams over lunch and the coffee breaks.” 

“I think the session on the five year plan was very helpful and certainly my table got a lot of good thinking done about the interactions and need to keep communication lines open.” 

“Georgina was very good and clear, clearly knew the subject and presented it at a level that was just right.”

“We developed a greater sense of teamwork and a greater understanding of the importance of what we do as it affects our customers”

“The workshop was interesting, very relevant, and gave new insights, thank you.”

“Useful – I can see lots of practical applications for our team”  

“I’ve worked with Georgina over the last three years, and I hold her in the highest regard. I run management and leadership development programmes and Georgina delivers modules on my CMI-accredited Level 3 programme. She is an outstanding colleague: reliable, unflappable and cheerful. She delivers content to the highest standard, and is able to adapt her deep understanding of how organisations work to varied audiences. She is also highly regarded by participants for her prompt, thoughtful and helpful tutoring”

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