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Working With Me

Georgina is a wonderful coach. I am so grateful I was coached by such a talented, supportive, effective and fun coach to work with!
Sylvie-Nuria Noguer

Fly higher with sharper focus, faster results and more fizz

Life is just too short to put up with anything less than a thrilling business or career that fills you with vitality, oomph and joy.

One that also leaves you with plenty of motivation and energy to enjoy your free time too.

There are now more opportunities than ever to build a working life uniquely tailored to your skills, passions and needs.

But opportunity can be an obstacle. Too many possibilities can lead to overwhelm and a lack of direction.

The reality is that there are only so many hours in the day and you’re already working flat out!

But getting closer to your goals is not about working harder, sometimes all it takes is sharper focus, smarter strategies and the right support.

My aim is give you all three of those vital ingredients, becoming the springboard that propels you into that sparkling future, faster.

Using the recipe I’ve developed over my 25-year career, and my qualifications in business psychology and performance and executive coaching, we’ll create your super strong vision to give you crystal clear focus. We’ll also ensure you’ve got the confidence, tools and action plan you need to get achieve your goals.

Expect lots of energy, laughter and champagne moments as we work together creating the immediate and long lasting results you want.

Who do I work with?

How does it work?

Both 1-to-1 and group work includes:

  • Online or face to face sessions
  • Personalised programmes
  • Private online resources
  • Powerful growth and results
  • Lots of energy and laughter

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