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Small Business Growth and Success

Inject buzz into your business: build your brand, get more oomph and get growing

Every entrepreneur needs help, Georgina’s advice and support was the best investment I made.
Tom Seppings, Solaplug Ltd and East Anglian Energy Ltd.

When you’re running a small business it’s easy to feel overwhelmed…
You struggle to fall asleep at night because your mind is whirring and self-doubt is creeping in.
You’re too busy working to think about what you’re working towards and what the best way to get there is.
You know you’re missing the expertise you need but unsure if you need a business adviser, marketing whizz or a coach.

With a long career in all three roles, I bring the best of them all into a unique 3 stage approach.

My 3 strategies for faster growth

If you want to see a change, gain more enjoyment and better business profits, these three things will help:

  1. Your vision: Crystallise what you want your business and life to look like, and keep it fresh so you’re always working towards the right thing
  2. Your brand: Build a super strong brand that will allow you to attract customers with integrity and ease
  3. You: Take the time to build up super strong confidence and bullet proof self-belief, then nothing will stop you

While none of this is new to you, putting it all into practice isn’t always so easy. That is where my private 1-to-1 work comes into its own.

Whether it’s working 1-to-1, 1-to-2 with business partners, or with teams, I’ve helped countless clients in small and big businesses overcome their challenges and implement all these strategies and more.

“I help you build the brand and belief to deliver your success”

I help you draw on what you know and focus on the areas where you most need impartial support.

As a brand consultant and business psychologist I also offer concrete systems, advice and short-cuts for achieving faster growth, with more ease and enjoyment.

As a coach I help you build up resilience, confidence and positivity and take the action you need to get results.

Life-Changing ‘Aha’ Moments

I have helped clients achieve huge shifts in their businesses and lives, these often start with small but significant ‘aha’ moments:

  • A holiday company owner who went from overwork to feeling in control. The big change? Learning how to let go and delegate.
  • The web designing business partners who wanted to get a new business off the ground. Their ‘Aha’ moment? Realising they each had a separate vision rather than a joint one.
  • The recruitment consultant who tripled her business, going from recession to profit in less than a year. A pivotal moment? Switching from using a mobile phone to installing a landline.
  • The property consultant who wanted more motivation and direction. His ‘Aha’ moment? Realising he needed to invest in order to grow.

So, what about you? What would make the biggest difference to your business?

Making that one change is the bare minimum you can expect to achieve! Together we’ll inject more buzz, more enjoyment and sure-fire growth strategies into the fabric of your business.

If working with business partners together, we create a wonderful three way dynamic that really gets creative juices flowing and ideas jumping out.

See for yourself, with a no obligation free introductory call. Click here to get in contact.

Just some of the results you can achieve:

  • Create a unique and motivating brand
  • Create your business vision and concrete action plans to move towards it
  • Avoid common marketing mistakes and create smart strategies instead
  • Increase your confidence and sense of well-being
  • Reduce overwhelm and begin to grow with purpose and positivity
  • Stop working as hard but also increase your profits
  • Enjoy the journey and really love your work

I say these things with confidence, having watched countless other clients grow in my time as a brand consultant, business psychologist and coach.

3 and 6 Month Cork Popping Packages

Here we work intensively together on a 1-on-1 basis to produce the results you want.  We have regular sessions with additional support in between when you need it.  I work with you every step of the way to help you create the brand, business and life that you want, helping you to create your own inspiring champagne journey.

I offer a variety of 6 week, 3 and 6 month packages.

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Velocity Day

Want to really hit the ground running, achieve more and achieve it faster?  In these sessions we immerse ourselves in you and your business and achieve in one day what you could achieve in two months or more.  They are powerful, productive and energising. My Velocity sessions are usually half or full day.

Start to transform your business NOW: with a no obligation free introductory call, click here to get in contact

Video Courses

I know budgets can be tight for small business owners, so I have created two courses with accompanying video content that cover many of the key steps I take my clients through. Find out more here.