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Business Brilliance Program

“Georgina’s incisive Business Brilliance Course is a must for any small business owner. It helps you get to the core of what your business is about and helps you to position your offer and then plan how you can target your marketing to get the type of business you really want. If you are starting out and need help with your business proposition or if you are re-thinking your offer, time invested with Georgina will more than pay back! ”. Meg Burton, Career Coach

This generous, enjoyable and transformational program is a must if:

  • You are ready to grow your business but you’re unsure how to make it happen.
  • You like the idea of investing in a mentor or coach but you’re also mindful of cost.
  • You are ready to start taking action to get your message out there and increase your profits.
  • You want some expert insight, guidance and encouragement.

This program is an exciting way to leverage proven strategies, new ideas and all the support you need to kick-start your business growth at a great price.

My Business Brilliance Course will be running again soon!

Explore proven business strategies and put down solid building blocks for your success as you go.

Plus receive a free BONUS of a psychometric personality test to really help you get the most out of yourself.

Business Brilliance Steps:

  1. Create a Vibrant Vision
  2. Set Your Strategy
  3. Build Your Brand
  4. Know Your Customer
  5. Know Yourself
  6. Surefire Marketing Strategies
  7. Cunning Communications
  8. Concrete Action Plans

This in depth and motivating program is exceptional value:

What you get Normal price Included in programme
3 1-to-1 coaching sessions   £450
5 In-depth webinars   £500
Personality test to help you to get the best out of yourself   £120
Templates and worksheets   £400
Tailored business resources for each individual   £199+
Value = £1669+ Investment only £497!

By the end of the program you will have:

  • Illuminated your business vision and set concrete actions to make it happen
  • Understood who your customers really are and how to reach them
  • Built a unique and powerful brand
  • Created brilliant marketing messages to make customers sit up and listen
  • Stopped wasting time and focused on what really boosts your bottom line
  • Increased your confidence, self-belief and positivity
  • Enjoyed a productive coaching journey and have more oomph in your business

As a brand consultant, business psychologist and coach I will share with you the techniques, tips and tricks that have helped countless clients achieve faster growth, with more ease and enjoyment.

“Before the course I was at huge cross roads and was facing big changes which I was very confused about how to tackle. I was apprehensive and nervous about revealing things to the other participants on the course, but it was a very safe environment and I actually found that doing the course with the group was much more rewarding than if I had done it on my own.

Georgina’s huge strengths are her amazing experience underpinned by extraordinary insight into people and their behaviours. This combination of knowledge, intuition and empathy means her coaching provides you with so much.

Now I have finished the course I will continue working with Georgina – it was one of the best things I could have done and it really helped to take away my fear of change, and move forward with my business.” Tish Inglis, Maisons la Boissiere

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Money Back GuaranteeI am delighted to offer a full no quibble money back guarantee should you find the course is not for you.  I offer a full refund at any point up until the end of the second month of the course.

This course offers you the chance to energise your business and yourself with the help of an experienced coach. If you want to discuss the course in more detail? I would love to hear from you, contact me here.

When I first got to know of Georgina’s program, a big doubt popped up in my head. I had been on other programs for small business owners before, but often with the result of me being left with a whole lot of information, but no tools to actually implement it all. But since I had done some one-on-one coaching with Georgina before, which really helped me move forward, I decided to give it a go.

And am I glad I did! Georgina really encouraged us to get to the bottom of everything, to really make it ours, to help it work for us individually. With Georgina’s help, I figured out a way to work on my goals that really suits me. One of the best things was Georgina’s encouragement and genuine eagerness to make it work for you.

The way the program is constructed is really well-thought through. Each monthly webinar builds very nicely on the other. Because there is enough information to get a thorough understanding of the subject covered, but not so much to completely overwhelm you, I actually found that for the first time I was not only participating in the course, but actually DOING something with the materials provided.

Whether you are just setting up your small business, or have been around for a while but things are not picking up as fast as you would like them to, this program really has something to offer. Especially when you actually want to start DOING things differently! Marianne Leather, Beyond the Grey Cloud

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“I thoroughly enjoyed working on the “Business Brilliance” course with Georgina Walsh. The program is well structured, methodical and is delivered in a practical and insightful way.

This is a program for all businesses young and old who really want to look at defining their business proposition, consider current and potential new customers and for those who want to truly grasp how to successfully take their message to market.

As a coach Georgina Walsh shows high integrity, resource and is able to identify the short and long term opportunities within your business. Her genuine desire to see your business succeed puts her a cut above the rest. She is consistent, approachable and draws on her previous industry experience to bring out the best in her clients. Thank you Georgina!” Louise Evans, My Business Genie