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bigstock-Key-to-success-24060560What if you could super-charge your business, by unlocking a secret weapon you already have?

 – and by never pretending to be something you’re not? Then, read on.

As a business owner, it’s natural to feel uncertain. How do you know you’re on track? Making the right decisions? Chasing the right opportunities?

It’s easy to grow confused and lose your way. Even easier to lose your faith!

There are lots of gurus, books and courses promising to reveal the secret weapon that will make you millions.

  • But perhaps you already have all you need to succeed?
  • Perhaps you don’t need a new identity or fancy new marketing tactic?
  • Perhaps all you need is to succeed is to unlock your unique business genius.

The question is … how?

 This tried and tested method is the secret sauce of every successful business leader on the planet:


Successful leaders have laser-like clarity on what’s brilliant about their business, iron-clad self-belief and the ability to communicate this so that people respond. If you’re doubting your direction or  yourself; it’s time to hit || PAUSE ||. To get clear on what makes your business amazing, on who you are, and everything you could achieve.

I have broken this winning formula into a step-by-step Positivity and Profit Course. You can build both a super-strong brand and super-strong self-belief that leaves no-one (least of all, yourself!) doubting that your offering is THE ONE.

The result will be positivity and profit. And lots of it.

Based on winning strategies I’ve implemented with multinational brands and many, many entrepreneurs, this affordable course is underpinned by one-on-one coaching for transformative results.

Part 1 of the Formula? = A Crystal Clear Brand
As your business grows it’s easy to be influenced by others. Employees, suppliers, customers and competitors can lead you in different directions; ending up with a business you don’t recognise, you feel is diluted and muddled.
The most sought-after companies stand out from the crowd because they know exactly who they are. This course gives you crystal-clear clarity on why your brand matters, to the people who matter.

bigstock-Key-to-success-24060560Crystal Clear Brand: At the end of 10-weeks you’ll have a brand that is a beacon to your ideal customers, a business they’ll love to buy from and keep coming back to.

“Now I have a brand that makes sense to me, and about which I am utterly passionate. It’s so much easier to communicate as a result!” K Katbamna,

Part 2 of the Formula? = UNSTOPPABLE SELF-BELIEF
As your own boss, you’re more unforgiving and critical to yourself than anyone else would ever be. You think you’re pushing yourself but in reality, your self-criticism might actually be holding you back.
You know in your heart that you’ve got the grit, talent and ability to succeed, but your results don’t always show it?
Then it’s time you accessed your true potential.

bigstock-Key-to-success-24060560Unstoppable Self-Belief: Week by week we’ll uncover your true self-belief and also where you may be getting in your own way. Together we’ll gradually rewire some of your thoughts and behaviours so you are really working to your true potential. You’ll end the course not just with greater self-awareness but with the practical tools you need to push forward and become a tour de force to be reckoned with.

“THANK YOU for giving me the space and encouragement I needed to step up to the challenge, to think big and positively and to follow my heart. The difference it has made to my business is unbelievable.” Kit James


This course will pay for itself – over and over again – with a dramatic increase in sales, customers and clients.

 What You Receive

  •  Lifetime access to 6 jam-packed, energising and thought-provoking recorded sessions.
  • A step-by–step process to build a super-strong brand that customers love and will boost your profits.
  • Insight into the key elements of your mindset; enabling you to push through to eliminate negative thoughts and unleash your business genius.
  •  Templates and easy-to-use exercises that will help you build a super strong brand and self-belief.
  •  2 hour-long one-on-one calls with myself. These will help you to dig deeper into your brand and your beliefs and help you make quantum leaps towards success, positivity and profit.
  •  Bonus:  A gift of my 5 part on-line course, Courage, Risk and Reward worth £97  to you help leap even further forward.

  Total value £847!


 “Georgina’s approach to branding is inspirational. She has helped me redefine an iconic luxury brand, creating a strong brand promise and personality, and a highly successful marketing and communication strategy. This has ultimately increased turnover by over 30%. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ” Beth Peters

This course will give you:

  • A clear and compelling brand that cuts through and really speaks to your customers
  • Strong and measurable business goals
  • A simple and clear communication plan to get your brand out there loud and clear
  • A strong sense of purpose through greater insight into what really drives you
  • An understanding of what your current negative thoughts or lack of self-belief is costing you
  • A clearer head and therefore clearer life
  • More energy, direction, time and confidence
  • An increase in the percentage of time that you work on shaping your business and driving it forward
  • An increase in profits through more customers, higher profit margins and strong self-belief

In order to be taken seriously and see the results you deserve, you need absolute clarity on your brand and to be in tune with your full potential.

Georgina’s branding techniques and questioning skills drew out and clarified our brand’s passion and purpose. The results saved time, money and going nowhere clear fast! Ash Poddar, Fresh Ties

Why look to a marketing agency to spin a campaign for you or copy the competition when you already have all you need to succeed?  This course is about helping you amplify your unique strengths and build a brand both you and your customers believe in 100%.

Money Back Guarantee I am of course delighted to offer a full no quibble money back guarantee up until 1 month into the course. So you have absolutely nothing to lose!

 “Georgina was able to clarify the process of marketing my brand and provided practical exercises to move me along in this area. She shared her expertise and knowledge so that I could confidently apply these marketing strategies to my business and I learned key brand strategies that I can immediately use in my business. Georgina helped me to reach clarity on my marketing plan and the areas where I needed to gather more data to improve my overall marketing efforts to my target market. I would recommend Georgina to all entrepreneurs who are wanting get more form their business.” Carol Appleby, MindXcite

 For way more clarity, heaps more cash and unbeatable courage