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9 Nifty Strategies 3D Cover

9 Nifty Strategies To Charge What You’re Worth

As a coach, consultant or small business owner, it can be very hard to charge higher prices.

You may feel you need to be able to transparently justify your cost, or that your hourly rate is going to look too high.

Do you want to feel comfortable with charging more?

……not in a daylight robbery, pull the wool over someone’s eyes kind of a way, but in a way that you feel reflects what you’re worth and the value you deliver?

Download this free e-book with 9 Nifty Strategies to Charge What You’re Worth all of which you can put into action immediately.

Those feelings of real success and those wonderful champagne moments will only be realised when you are charging what you’re worth.

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7 Simple Steps To Move Your Business Up A Gear

I know that as a small business owner, you never, ever have enough time, particularly to sit down and think!  ………and, as you know, the tricky thing is that’s precisely what you need to do to take your business forward.

I have therefore written an e-book with this in mind, with 7 clear steps all designed to give you focus, ideas and motivation to make a difference to your business from today.

It will help you apply some strong – but simple and straight-forward – strategies and marketing principles.

It has exercises to help you crystallise your thoughts and take those crucial leaps forwards and upwards.

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Cork Popping Marketing Plan

Do you want more cork-popping moments in your business?  If so my step-by-step Marketing Plan is guaranteed to make them happen.

…….. success and those wonderful champagne moments will be realised a whole lot faster with some savvy planning.  Cue this Marketing Plan.

I’ve kept it short, simple and crystal clear – just perfect for a time stretched business owner like yourself.

Within 30 minutes you can have an exciting marketing plan with clear actions….and it will even help you overcome any self-doubt that might be holding you back.

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